Person 1(Speaking to public): These devils , how can they do that , how can they justify killing animals just for the sake of the  taste. Don’t they have any sense of good and bad, of sin, of love towards another living being. Animals do have life and life is precious for everyone be it a human or animal. No one has the right to take life. We must make this ‘Be a vegetarian campaign’ successful.

Public(shouting): Yes, life is precious for everyone , we must not kill animals for food. We must stop killing animals.

(Person 1 goes home)

Person 1 (to wife): How is everything?

Person 1’s wife: Everything as usual.

Person 1: So you had a good day today?

Person 1’s wife: Yes, Just a regular day. Oh and one thing, a mouse got caught in the trap today. What do you want me to do?

Person 1: A mouse, Really!! This pest has been a great nuisance. It has damaged lots of our valuable clothes and also destroyed a lot of our food. It must be punished.

Person 1’s wife: Why don’t you take the mouse trap outside and throw it out somewhere far.

Person 1: No if I throw it away just like that it might come back again and might again damage our clothes and food.

Person 1’s wife: So what are you planning to do?

Person 1: I am going to fill the bucket with water and sink the mouse trap inside it until the mouse is dead. Then I will throw it away. I want to make sure that it does not cause us any more trouble.

Person 1’s  wife: Do as you wish.

Person 1: Hey! Please! Would you please wash and  iron my blue shirt. Tomorrow I have to be at the animals right movement rally. I have to make sure that our ‘Be Vegetarian and save life’ movement gets successful.

Person 1’s wife: Okay, I will wash it and press as you say.


Taking a stand (:-<)

A normal guy from the town with good morale, and a few good friends, a technician by a job. Possessing a good technical skill but only a few customers to his shop. Always focusing on the best solutions for the computers that he has to repair and maintain. Always preferring the best and giving full time to make sure that there is not a single problem left with the computers. Used to say that ‘to have peace of mind one must not let any problem unsolved in the computer’. His customers really liked what he said about full solution to problems of computer and they would not hesitate to give an extra 100 rupees for the job he did.

One day a misfortune fell upon him. His daughter just fifteen months old who was playing in the room somehow managed to swallow a small portion of insecticide that was placed under the bed. It was there to get rid of the rats that troubled them a lot. Somehow he managed to take out some insecticide from his daughters mouth, but since he was not sure whether if it was all that she had swallowed, he thought it best to take her to the nearest hospital.

His daughter was placed in the ICU and the doctor said that she must be kept in observation for at least twenty-four hours. If something ought to happen it will happen within the stipulated time. The hospital where she was admitted was a private hospital and the cost of service was very high. But  somehow he managed the amount required for a day. After twenty four hours passed and nothing happened he asked the doctor about her condition. The doctor said nothing wrong was found but it would be better if she stayed in the hospital for another twenty-four hours to make sure that everything is alright. He replied that since she is alright there is no need to keep her in the hospital. He then signed the documents to discharge and he packed the stuff and went out of the patient cabin carrying his daughter on his shoulder.

He pressed the button of the lift and as he was waiting for the lift to come, his daughter cried and started vomiting. He looked back to see if anyone noticed that. He didn’t see anyone behind him. Just then the door of the lift opened. He seemed to be in some sort of confusion regarding what to do and what not  to do. Slowly wiping the sweat that just appeared on his forehead , he rushed inside the lift and the door of the lift began to close.


(Aatay , Paatay and Khatay at their favourite place – evening time)

Aatay: This job of maintaining the computers at the DataEntryOffice is really tedious man. I mean I have to go there like every day now-a-days for maintaining the computers. A large company like that having those many computers could have trained their employees to take care of the minor computer problems. Anyways the pay is good and I love working with computers. Guess it’s alright.

Paatay: Man you were at my office to repair the computer and you didn’t even try and meet me. That’s no good okay.

Aatay: You work in the ‘Special room’ and the problem today with the computer was of ‘not so special room’ and we are not allowed anywhere without permission so I did not dare to meet you.

Paatay: You could have called me, I could have come out to meet you. Anyways it’s alright.

Khatay: Hey Paatay, how long has it been since you started working for the DataEntryOffice.

Paatay: It’s been more than a year, why?

Khatay: Because I also would like to work there. Do you think I am qualified enough for the job?

Paatay: Yeah man. I guess you are good enough. Your English is good and you’ve also passed the bachelors, so you can apply online and see if you get the job or not.

Aatay: Hey what is that you really do there. I mean what is your job?

Paatay: Our task is to collect data and enter it into a database. We have like more than a dozen projects and for every project , the method and tools used to enter data is different. But they do train us and we start mining data as soon as we are ready. And a person can be only in two projects at the max.

Khatay: That looks simple enough for me.

Paatay: No it’s not as simple as it looks. First of all, every employee must make sure that the data entered is valid. And we have to enter the data in the stipulated time. We have to use our brain to the max to make sure that data entered is valid and without errors.

Aatay: Sounds dull. Do you think your work is good enough for you to stick with it. I mean what is data entry important for. Just filling up the blanks and submitting.

Khatay: Hey don’t be so harsh okay. I am also about to apply for the same job.

Paatay: Okay. Let me explain why the data entry is not a dull job and why is it important. First of all according to our Dee, the data that we mined is important not only for recording the data in digital format but also for various research needs. The data we mined can be used in any sector, be it business, political, educational, government, social , health . Think of any sector and I can make you understand that the data that we are mining is useful there too. Man, we guys at DataEntryOffice are doing our best to do something that is important to overall mankind. And you think it’s a dull job.

Aatay: okay man. I was just kidding. I know the importance of having relevant data and I also know today in the world of technology it is the basis for many tasks. I mean it can really help out if one knows how to use it.

Khatay: Okay man. I will apply tonight and see if I get the job okay.


(After A Week)

(Aatay, Paatay, and Khatay at their favourite place – evening time.)

Aatay: So Khatay, now that you have a job at the DataEntryOffice, how is everything going on?

Khatay: It’s good my friend. But I think that getting so little for the task we do is not fair. I mean , that guy ‘Goray’ was saying that If we have direct contact with the client then we would be able to earn more. The problem is that I don’t know who the client is.

Paatay: I can not help you guys to find the details of client. All the data processing work are done in the ‘Community’ room on the ‘Master server’ .The Master server is in the restricted area and we can’t log into the Server because it’s always protected with the password key. And we are really not allowed to step in the Master server room. But sometimes we do bend some rules by entering that room and try on some of our  passwords with the server. But our passwords never worked.

Aatay: If I got to get into that room and have my hands on that Master server for a few minutes I can decrypt the password. But I am a computer maintenance guy only I am not called to the DataEntryOffice until there’s some problem with the computer. So I can’t help you guys with that.

Paatay: I think I can help you with that. You would be called to the DataEntryOffice tomorrow If I am right.


(Next day evening)

(Aatay, Paatay, and Khatay at their favourite place.)

Khatay: So how did it go at the office today? I mean do you got the name of the client to whom the collected data is send to? You were able to hack the Master server right?

Aatay: Yes, really a tough nut to crack. But you don’t know me that well.

Paatay: So any idea about getting directly connected to the client.

Aatay: I got the details of the client but the matter is very confusing.

Paatay: Now what is confusing?

Aatay: The processing of the data and the data that is being sent to the client is confusing.

Khatay: Can you explain that in more detail.

Aatay: All the data are collected in the Master server. The data after being saved are  then compared to the ‘AI bots’ of different versions. And the data being sent to the client is only the test results of the comparison of the data that we collected versus the data collected by the  Artificial Intelligence bots. Our data is never sent. Only the test result of the comparison of our  data collected versus the data collected by AI bots is sent to the client. Man, this is too confusing for me man.

Paatay: Maybe they send their data via another Server. That’s why you didn’t get the full result.

Aatay: No I checked all the connected Servers and they are all there as a storage device only. The processing is done on the Master server and the only details they send to the client is something like H1>AI1, H1<AI01, H2<AI1, H2<AI01. So confusing.

Paatay: If you tell me the details of the clients of our DataEntryOffice then maybe I can find out about it.

Aatay: I already got that out. The client to whom our DataEntryOffice sends the data is a company which is in production of software which has intelligence similar to humans.

Paatay: You mean to say that we are just used as a lab mouse against the AI bots. All they did is compare who can perform the same task with more accuracy and speed, we or the Artificial Intelligence bots they are developing.

Aatay: Yes guys, all I understand today was that the data is used only as a system that could define who can do the same work better. It’s a race against Artificial Intelligence bots and Us. Got to keep self smart , very very smart otherwise , no can say when they might replace us in our DataEntryOffice.

Khatay: Then all the talks we did about our work being a part of big system, affecting lives in a good way, all that talks we did was just fake. Our task is of no importance. We are just being paid just as a competitor to Artificial Intelligence Bots. Our task is really of no importace.

Paatay: Hey man, maybe the task that we are doing and the company for which we are doing the task is of importance. Maybe we have to start to make ourself better than the Articial Intelligence Bots. Maybe Aatay didn’t got the full details of the client because he couldn’t hack the Master server and is just playing with our minds. But hey guys! we are being paid and we got a job. So is there anything that we can do except for talking about our jobs?

Khatay: Weed is the secret of our energy.

Aatay: Okay guys I’m in.

Paatay: Me too.

Khatay: Me three.

Now what?

I must say it to someone. Whom should I tell this to. Man this is too exciting and too confusing. Now who is there who could help me out with this.

It just happened when I was walking in the street in my usual style. Head down towards the pavement, busy in my own thoughts, in a way that looked as if I was searching for something that I lost . And suddenly something happened. I don’t know if it’s really something like a golden moment or just something that’s of no importance.

As I was walking in my own way, I felt something banged against my palms. First I was like too anxious to know what it was and to find out what happened I raise my head and looked around and at my palm. I saw a figure walking past me in the opposite direction and I was like too too too excited to recognize that girl whose hand just somehow crashed against my hand. Oh Man!

She is like the most precious creature in our neighborhood. I know most of our neighborhood guys talk about her and they seemed crazy enough to do anything for her.

But that’s not the point I am trying to seek help for.

The problem is that the first thought that came to my mind when I recognize that girl whose palm just touched my palm was “I would never wash my hands again because she has touched it”.

I found that thought a little bit crazy and too hard to materialize.So I try to find out why did I get a thought like that , the thought of never washing the hands again. I don’t think I am capable of getting such an unusual thought just like that.I tried hard to remember the source of that thought and then I got it. I remember seeing a show on television which showed an interview with a girl from America whose hand was shaken by Pop-star Micheal Jackson and she took a vow to never wash her hands again because for her Pop-star Michael Jackson was everything, her soulmate, god, friend, love, inspiration, and literally everything.For her meeting Pop-star Michael Jackson was a dream which she thought would never come true. And God Bless All, she got the opportunity to shake hands with Pop-star Michael Jackson.

Now the problem that I am facing is I really want to know about the girl who took a vow to never wash her hands again when Pop-star Michael Jackson shook hands with her and also want to know if she really kept her promise and never washed her hands thereafter. Trying to get the answer is driving me crazy. Any help regarding this matter that’s making me over use my brain in order to find the answer is really appreciated. Thanks in advance.



I am at the place I love,

Can spare a little bit of time,

Pen and paper in my hand,

And too less words to rhyme,


All I am trying to do,

Is to express myself,

Ain’t an easy task,

Really need some help,


Don’t ask me why,

Am trying to write,

Lots of thoughts in head,

Got to keep it light,


The writing might not have,

All that I feel,

And all the matters,

That are worth in real,


Help me out,

If you do care,

All you need to do,

Is like, comment, and share.



The blades sliding down my cheeks,

And I’m on the chair,

I closed my eyes ,

Without doubt, without fear,

The smell of the cream,

Flowing around in the air,

And the silent voice,

Is all I hear,

And about different changes,

Can’t say I know it clear,

One change for certain,

Will look different when out of here.


Keep the faith


Good gone bad and bad gone good

In the end

Some lay under the ground

and some lay over the wood


While we have time

Chant the holy names and pray

Get back to god

Get back home

Before We turn into ashes

Or Before we decay


Life comes only once

Make good use of it

In times of trouble

And in times of need

Have faith

Use your wit


If you don’t found remedy

Don’t you worry

Good times shall follow

Be prepared and be ready

Unity has the great power

Have faith every sec every minute every hour




@–  Did you got the news that ‘Khatay’ died?
#–   No! Who told you?
@–  Well, my friends told me.
# —  And how did he die?
@– Do you know khatay’s friends ‘Aatay’ and ‘Patay’.They are the one who have their houses  opposite to each other by the side of the road and both having their rooms on second floor?
#– Yes! I know that.
@– Well, what happened was after having a small gathering ‘Aatay’ And ‘Patay’ went to their homes and ‘Khatay’ was on the footpath enjoying the Wifi.
#– But how did he die?
@– Listen to me I’m telling you. ‘Khatay’ was on the footpath enjoying the Wifi and ‘Aatay’ and ‘Patay’ were in their own rooms sharing some files.
#– And?
@– Well, ‘Aatay’ was sending a movie of 60Gigabytes to ‘Patay’. The file was moving from Aatay’s computer to Patay’s computer and suddenly the electricity went off.
#– And?
@ –Well, the file which was of 60Gigabytes and was being transferred to Patay’s computer from Aatay’s computer but due to no electricity  instead of being transferred to Patay’s computer, it fell down and hit ‘Khatay’ on his head while he was enjoying Wifi on the footpath just below Aatay’s house. And when the file of that size hit ‘Khatay’ on his head, he died instantly.
#– But is it possible that a file can kill someone like that?
@– Believe me! I am not lying.
# –Nonsense. Go Away.

The Spirit of Christmas

During the day time, as I was lying in my bed I happen to feel some movement around the window. I got up and looked at the window. I saw a faint fog in a shape of a man hanging in the midair. I was scared and didn’t know what to do.

Spirit: Don’t be afraid. I am the Christmas spirit.

Me (Thinking): Am I dreaming?

Spirit: Don’t be afraid I am not here to harm you.

Me: Okay, But why are you here?

Spirit: I know you’ve been feeling a kind of low about yourself and I am here to help you.

Me: How can you help me and what do you mean by ‘me feeling a kind of low about myself’?

Spirit: I know you are not happy with your current job and the daily activities you have to do while on your job. You think you could do better if you were someone else in different occupation and a different life style, don’t you?

Me: Yes that’s true.

Spirit: So I will show you lives of five people and if you are sure you could be happy in their life in their lifestyle I will arrange such that you will have their occupation and their lifestyle. Will that do?

Me: Can you really make that happen?

Spirit: Now don’t doubt me. Do you want to proceed?

Me: Yes.

Spirit: Good let’s go then. But be aware from now on both of us will be invisible. We can see each other but others can’t see us.

Both of us were outside the house on the road.

Spirit: Look, look there is a policeman. Now do you want his job and life style?

Me: A policeman. Well it looks good I mean they are respected fellows and I admire the way they do their jobs.

Spirit: So you want to change your status into a policeman?

Me: Let me think. I will have to work hard. I will have to go after the criminals like robbers, thieves and rogues and what not. I would have to be very brave. I will have to follow all the rules and regulations of the police force and I can’t do anything that lies outside the scope of the police laws.

Spirit: So now should I change you into a policeman? You are very positive about them.

Me: No way. I can’t be a policeman. I am not that courageous. I just can’t see myself going after the thieves, robbers and the likes and protect the civilians. I can’t even follow the routine of my daily work, how will I manage to follow all the rules and regulations of the policemen. So it’s a no for me.

Spirit: As you wish. Let’s move ahead.

We are now in front of a shop.

Spirit: Look there’s another person, a Shopkeeper. He doesn’t have to follow the rules and regulations that rigidly and he doesn’t need to be that courageous. What do you say?

Me: A shopkeeper. Well it looks good but I don’t want to stay in a same place for a very long period of time. If I became a shopkeeper then I would have to stay in same place. I would have to greet people nicely and I would have to listen to their each and every good reviews and bad reviews about my shop and the product I sell. And I would have to keep a smiling face all the time. And besides it’s also not sure that I would get many customers and I would be happy. So being a shop keeper is a no.

Spirit: As you wish. Let’s move ahead.

We are now in front of a farm.

Spirit: Now what about being a farmer?

Me: Farmer. Well that doesn’t sound that bad. I could grow grains and vegetables and I could eat them while it’s fresh. I could also keep a cow and drink the milk that it gives which will be pure and healthy. It would really be nice to have good food to eat and I would be healthy by working in the farm.

Spirit: It’s a yes then, you want to be a farmer?

Me: Let me think. It only sounds easy that way. I mean I would have to work all day to grow grains and vegetables. And I would have to take really great care of my vegetables and other plants if I want them to grow well. And about the cow I would have to take great care for its fodder and I would have to clean its shed every now and then. I would have to take care so that the cow won’t get sick and that she would be in good health to provide milk. It’s a lot more difficult than to just imagining about getting good food and good milk. No I don’t think I want to be a farmer.

Spirit: So be it then. Let’s move ahead.

We are now in front of a temple.

Spirit: Do you want to be a priest then. Look at that priest. Everybody offers him offerings and he is respected by all who visits him. Don’t you think being a priest is good for you?

Me: A priest. Well, If I become a priest then I would have to follow a lot of responsibilities. No smoking, no drinking, not going to movies, not going to dance parties. I would have to be in the temple for most of the time and I would only get to go outside if some devotee asks me to visit them and sometimes during rituals taking places. Other than that I would have to wake up in the morning, take bath, clean the temple, decorate the temple, and stay in the temple. It’s all out of my bounds. I can’t do that. So I don’t want to be a priest.

Spirit: As you wish. Let’s move ahead then.

We are now in front of the big stadium where a politician was delivering his speech.

Spirit: Look at him, a politician, a man with power and prestige. Don’t you like power and prestige?

Me: No, I don’t want to be a politician. It takes a lot to be a politician. I would have to keep all the members of my party happy. I would have to take great precaution that none of my members will join the opposition party. I would have to compete with the members of my own party for power and prestige. And I would have to go house to house during election and promise lies to them of the things that I couldn’t keep on my own. No, I don’t want to be a politician.

Spirit: Okay you have seen life of five person and you don’t like any of them. So then you want to keep your own self then. Then you must be happy with the daily activities of yours and the work you are doing. Just try to love what you have. I know you are not best at what you do but remember that if you go on doing your job with willingness and love you will somehow enjoy your work and you would be good at it. So keep trying and don’t leave the hope. I will leave you now. Hope you will return back to your place and think about making your current situation better. See you on next Christmas. Now you are visible to all. Bye. Take care.

I am in front of a bus park and I got on the bus so I could return home.

Conductor: Fare please. Where do you want to go man?

I told him where I wanted to go and paid him.

Me (Thinking): Just look at this conductor. He goes from place to place. But his life’s also not an easy one. He has to remember all the passengers of the bus. He has to remember who has given the money, who hasn’t and where they want to stop. He has to remember all the details. I couldn’t do all that. I couldn’t remember the details of four or five persons, how will I manage to remember all that. Thanks got somehow I have a job. As the spirit advised me I will have to be happy with that. Ah! Here comes my stop.



Not Again

“Now how can he possibly give me an idea that is so out of norms, out of bound, which is not possible.”

“Last night I had a headache. It was very painful. I didn’t have the medicine and since it was night it wasn’t possible for me to get the medicine from pharmacy.”

“It was getting painful and I in my bed was trying to get some sleep.”

“Now how did he suggested me an idea that was …..probably impossible……”

“He told me to log on to the web and download the medicine.”

“I was in such a state of trance due to headache, I did turn on my computer, logged on to the web page, and tried to download the medicine.”

“I typed Download Headache medicine in the search bar and pressed the ‘Enter’ Key.”

“Then I realized I have been made a fool again.”

“And I am still in pain .”